Case Study No. 1

Solid Design For Business

At Work Learning, Inc.

Choosing the right design services can make the difference between a mundane, forgettable experience for your customers. And one that engages them and distinguishes you from your peers. AWL’s visitors needed an unforgettable online experience. And AWL’s leadership needed a unique expression of their organization’s identity.

Their vision was listened to. Every detail was obsessed over. Ensuring every aspect of their design worked as a unit. We made this all happen with more gain than pain. We transformed, built and produced a breathtaking online platform for At Work Learning, Inc. Leading to more visitors and business.  


Kicking things off with a solid strategy.

At the core of all our projects lies a concrete strategy. Whether we are crafting a new brand identity, an award-winning eCommerce storefront, or in this case, an effective and delightful user experience, every project starts with a plan.

We worked closely with the At Work Learning, Inc. leadership and marketing teams to develop user profiles, journeys and stories, then applied these to a new navigation structure and information architecture.


Creating an incredible user experience.

Establishing an online presence will allow At Work Learning, Inc. to continue its years of building and implementing evidence-based competency assurance frameworks and delivering learning services. But doing so effectively requires a website that reflects its unique organization identity. At Work Learning, Inc. should avoid prepackaged designs and opt for a unique design that not only looks great, but meshes perfectly with its long-term vision.

In short, At Work Learning, Inc. needed a site that:

  • Integrates layout, logos and custom graphics seamlessly into a single digital platform.
  • Is easy to customize, add and maintain without sacrificing quality.
  • Showcase media assets and content in a meaningful way.
  • Looks great regardless of whether visitors view it on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

A balancing act between business objectives, user goals and aesthetics.

Every great digital product strikes a fine balance between business goals and user needs. The At Work Learning, Inc. site was no different. While the overarching business goal was to make it easier for users to call, there were several user goals that needed to be addressed and accomplished. We were able to strike a nice balance between driving leads, helping users plan and explore the various services held within.

By using clear and bold Call-to-Actions on the website, we were able to improve their experience. As well as making a clear indication for users to call At Work Learning, Inc. directly.



Item No.

01. Unique

A layout that catches the eye on computers, tablets and mobile devices – All of their designs are based on a responsive framework. Which allows their site to adapt according to the device used to access it. This framework will ensure their site always displays just the way they intended it to.

Item No.

02. Professional

Custom professional graphics incorporated into their website – Slapping cheap-looking logos and graphics onto a website at the last minute can ruin an otherwise great design. Our graphic designers consulted with At Work Learning, Inc. before their design was finalized so that their graphic identity was injected into their site in a way that enhances not blemishes it.

Item No.

03. Customizable

Painless website customization and maintenance – A great website should be able to grow with the organization it represents. We didn’t want At Work Learning, Inc. to be forced to hire a tech wizard every time they needed to adjust their website. They don’t have to because we set them up with the powerful WordPress content management system — that’s easy to use even without a lot of technical knowledge.


Start with Strategy


Start with Strategy


UX + Business Goals


Great UX equals
delighted users.

Since the site’s launch in February 2020, atworklearning.com has seen a dramatic reduction in bounce rate: over 55% decrease in comparison to the previous month. In addition to bounce rates improving, we increased average session duration. These metrics demonstrate that users are finding what they need easier than ever. As well as staying on the site longer!

Bounce Rate
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate
Avg. Session Duration

When design + business strategy meet.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Identity System Design
  • Web Design and Development
At Work Learning, Inc.



We hired Joe to create a new website for our company At Work Learning. Joe took the time to understand our vision and worked with us to produce an outstanding final product! Thanks Joe!

Dreyton VandaleClient Relationship Associate

Joseph provided solid web development services to At Work Learning (atworklearning.com). Through his company, Codessa, our out-of-date site on Wix.com was moved to WordPress and hosted on a different domain. Because we do not have marketing experience, when our Marketing Specialist got involved, Joseph was patient in making recommended revisions. Sustainability and self-sufficiency is key for At Work Learning. We will be working with Codessa to ensure both. We are happy to recommend Joseph and Codessa for web site development.

Patricia TuckeyOwner & Learning Leader
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Rebrand equals more engagement.

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Boosting the bottom line.

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