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I want to invest my money. . .

By April 9, 2019 No Comments

Welcome to HELL.

No—not actually. Well, some would call it financial hell.

After weeks of saving up your monies, you finally have a nice little lump sum in your savings account. Problem is—the money that’s “safe” in your savings account is actually losing you money—what?


Calm down Sally, I hear ya. This is the type of stuff they don’t teach you in grade school—We were too busy learning 

OK so if inflation goes up by 2% per year and you’re making 0.92% interest in your savings account—your purchasing power actually decreases -1.08% per year. . . Yikes!

Over the last 30 years the stock market has returned 6.73%. . . hmm that’s much better than my savings account🧐.

Learning to invest doesn’t have to be the proverbial financial hell that so many say it is. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to ya.

By the end you’ll be collecting your monthly divided payments. CASH. straight to your bank account.

Oh by the way—admission free of charge.

Stay tuned.