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I’m not asking you to “believe” me. Just try it. If I’m wrong, all you’ve lost is a couple of minutes. But what if I’m right?

I have helped many entrepreneurs, pro athletes and executives build outstanding websites. They go on to contribute greatly to their industry and their community. This is my greatest thrill. For if I can continue this achievement with satisfying you, I’ll cherish our partnership always.

Joe MomohPresident

Hi. I’m Joe. The Head Honcho.

Welcome back stranger! I’ve missed you… well—I don’t know too much about you,
but hopefully we meet someday. What I do know is that you deserve the most value. You work hard for your dollar-dollar bills. You hate getting nickel-and-dimed for the service you deserve. Imagine the damp palms. The prickly anger heat on the back of your neck. All when you get an unexpected invoice from a vendor that only provided satisfactory “assistance”—ugh, the worst. Enough of this nightmare. I’m here to provide you the most value. “OK OK Joe, we get it… tell me more about the company and how it can help me.” Sure. Read on.

First, a quick story. Forgive me. Imagine sitting in a cabana on a beach with the warm ocean breeze flowing through your scalp. Soaking in the warm rays of the caribbean sun while sinking your feet into the smooth grains of sand. Before the waves lullaby you to sleep, a butler hands you a freshly poured mojito… on ice… with the lime. This was me. On vacation. Man, why don’t I take more of these—was my first thought—but my second was how Codessa was born.

Why not take this caribbean paradise and apply it to coding? Building and maintaining a website usually comes with long hours, frustration and keyboard throwing. Yes, it happens to the best of us. There are simple website builders nowadays but they usually produce generic and common templates. You wouldn’t purposefully wear the exact same clothes as someone else, would you? Good. Plus your time is valuable. Why stress? I want Codessa to be your personal white-glove butler service. We do the heavy lifting while you enjoy your life and all the metaphorical ‘mojito’s’ you’d like!

Since first launching, I’ve learned a lot about our clients. Mainly, they can’t be stereotyped. Some are tech savvy, some far from it. Some are rather old, while others are much younger. Whether doctors, accountants, executives or professional athletes… they all have one thing in common. They are true connoisseurs of life. Are you?

Joe Momoh

Joe Momoh

Designer At Your Service

Well, I didn’t go pro. Not by choice . . . well sort of. Let me rewind.

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside dow. . . haha just kidding.
But seriously, where am I from? The 403. Cowtown. Stampede city. Yup, that’s where I grew up—Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hold your applause. I moved to the rival city, three hours north, Edmonton, Alberta—for university. I fortunately received a football scholarship though, which helped ease the transition.

2 years in. You’re on track, you have the pros in your sights. Now imagine getting hit so hard that when you open your eyes you don’t know what's up and what’s down. Concussions suck. This was one too many . . . let's say the 3rd or 4th one. What do you do? Do you continue? I didn’t. This was around the time of Will Smith’s Concussion movie, so I was well aware of the long-term health risks. Time to refocus—literally and metaphorically, and figure out a new passion.

University of Alberta did a cool write up about it: click grad cap icon below.

After obtaining my B.A. Economics, I jumped into the world of digital marketing—specializing in Search Engine Optimization. I helped clients rank higher on Google, leading them to increased sales and business performance. Clients ranged from small mom’n’pop businesses to large corporations.

During this time I co-founded a charitable venture. Good Virtue Recycling. With the aim to empower local youth through sport, education, art and nutrition—as well as cut down on waste to the environment. I’m quite proud of this venture. Getting feedback on the kids we help always puts a smile on my face. I look forward to growing this initiative and giving back to the community.

A couple years into working for the SEO agency, I decided to jump full force into websites. At this point I’d been building websites for years, just for random projects though. But decided it was time to go all in. There was a need that no other web business was satisfying—client satisfaction . . . by any means necessary. I’m taking it a few steps further than Amazon’s customer loyalty program. I will not take a penny from you, unless you’re satisfied with the end result. A web service that is completely risk-free. Why not?


Money Back Guarantee 

If in the rare chance you don’t like our service, we’ll refund the whole project budget promptly & courteously.
Unusual guarantee? Yes. We’re the only one that does this. But all in the sake of satisfying your needs and spreading happiness.

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